Syntactic Sugar (quipper) wrote in 53rd_airborne,
Syntactic Sugar


Are we all still doing this? I know that Cap'n Kris has stepped out for religulous reasons (She religiously avoids cons) but who is still in?

Are we going to have dog tags? Or some kind of unifying identification? If so, what should they say?

Have we picked a name for our vessel? What is it?

Is there anybody out there?

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Still here, but this thing, for me, is a next-year thing. My outfit is still in the works but I have friends coming in from out of town for Sakuracon, which is again on the same #$%@#$% weekend.

I hope you'll still be rocking out with your own bad self?
Ah, so THAT'S why I've heard so bloody little about this lately.

I am morally obligated to rock out - I have invested money, I paid reg, and I have an actual room for Norwes this year.

I can be a lone, roving pirate - or I can tweak a bit and become a Charioteer. I'll be okay!